Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I need a makeover!

As I was blog stalking, I came across some stupid celebrity look-a-like thingy. I decided to try it. Now I am bummed. The results were so bad that I refused to post them. I tried it 3 times with different pics and each time one of the celebrities it said I look like is James Spader. Eww. Not that he is so ugly [which he is], but he's a GUY! Hello! Not feeling too pretty right about now.

I'm gonna go to bed. I NEED my beauty sleep. I'm pretty sure I could use a lot of it. Maybe when I wake up I'll look like this...

One can only dream.



Rhonda Parker said...

Ha ha! Guess what, I tried three times as well, and James Spader came out as a match on one of mine... and, all 3 of mine also came out with a match that is closest to a man. :)

Can you tell me how to insert a hyperlink so that it shows up the way you did it? I don't know how to do that, so I usually have to enter the website... thanks!

Misty said...

That is so funny! I usually try these kind of things about 3 times or until I find the results I want. I really need to update my pics though. I want to try one without my glasses.

To insert the link, just highlight what you want to link and click on the "link" button located between the "text color" button and the "align" buttons. It looks like a green ball with a chain link on it.