Merry Christmas!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I know it's been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened, but not much has been blogworthy.

Right after my last post, my church started our annual fireworks sales fundraiser. That lasted a week. It is hot and sort of boring to sit there all day, but (for some strange reason) I love it! I actually look forward to firework sales. Ironically, I would never spend the money to buy fireworks, but I get so excited when I sell them. Especially when someone buys several hundred dollars worth! To each his own. I am just glad we get 50% to put in our building fund!

Then, my kids & I went to my parents' house for a few days. We enjoyed spending time with my family. My nieces & nephews (from out of state) were there. It was fun to reminece with them. I also love going to my parents for the food. Sometimes I really miss my mom's food. It is always a treat to go "home". My mom spoils just about everyone, especially if she knows what their favorite is. One of my nieces like her white cake with chocolate frosting, so she made it twice within a weeks' time! Yummy!

Next, we went to our friends' house in the Bay Area. I picked up my hubby from the train station and we enjoyed the family party in their beautiful backyard the next day. They had most of their family there and everyone brought food. Wow! There was a variety of great foods and I tried everything - nothing was gross. That says a lot coming from me! There were a tone of young kids and I ended up playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" with them! I had a blast! The next day we went to church with them and enjoyed fellowship. I wish we could have stayed longer. There is never enough time.

The next weekend I met my FIL in Stockton and he took my two older girls to Paradice for the week. Hayley & I visited with my mom and my niece for a couple of hours and then on my way home, I decided to stop and see my 2 nieces. We ate with them and visited for a while and went on our way. The next weekend we (Tom, me & Hayley) went to pick up the girls in Stockton and we, again, stopped to see my nieces on the way home. We invited them to go camping with us.

Last Wednesday, I went to pick up my nieces and on Friday we went camping with our church. Even though it was really dirty, we had a lot of fun. We came home on Sunday and played Monopoly. (Yuck!) Then on Tuesday, me and all the girls went to Hanford to shop. We had fun even though we didn't stay long. It was way too hot! That evening some of the young ladies from church came over to play games and hang out. We had a good time. Then I took my nieces home on Wednesday. I already miss them. I didn't want them to go home. We really enjoyed them being here, even Tom.

Tons of stuff happened in between, such as dental appointments (no cavities, for the girls!) and such, but nothing worth going into detail about.

So there is my long overdue post. I will try to be a little more faithful to the blogworld from now on.

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