Merry Christmas!

Monday, June 21, 2010


While I was doing dishes a little while ago, Rachel came to me and said, in a clearly shaken voice, "There is a bug in the shower." I thought, "oh, brother, there's a daddy long leg or some kind of little bug."

I was wrong.

Oh, how I wish it had been a daddy long leg. Or a variety of other bugs. However, when I went to investigate, I found this:

EEEWWWW!!!! It was about 2-3 inches long!
Where in the world did it come from?
We have never had these kinds of pests!
And I pray we never have another one!
Please, dear God, PLEASE!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a bug phobia. I have been known to leave my children to get away from bugs. I know, I am not going to win 'Mother of the Year'(unless worst is in front of it). Anywho, Tom was not here and I was stressing out! He finally got home a few minutes ago and I told him not to come in the house without Raid.
Thankfully, he disposed of it.
I could not watch.
I don't think I will sleep tonight.
It feels like they are crawling all over me.
I'm totally freaking out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes, he has a lollipop. I had to entertain him at yet another [boring] graduation. It was the lollipop or this:

I guess I'm not up for mother of the year... again!


Riley with his 1st Popcicle


He sure enjoyed the cold, yommy treat!

Riley's Buddy

Brian & Riley at our Church Zoo Trip ~ April 2010

Brian is the young man who follows me like a puppy dog every time I am holding Riley after church. Most of the time I end up handed Riley over to him just to keep sane. Brian is a very smart, silly, cute young man. We love this little kid! He adores Riley and the feeling seems to be mutual! If Brian is around, (and he usually is!) Riley is sure to be smiling!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been trying to add a header/new template/background and I am getting nowhere. If y'all have any tips, I'd greatly appreciate them.

I'm giving up and going to bed. Babe will be home in a few hours and Mister will be waking up soon after. I'm tired!