Merry Christmas!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say...

The other day my 6 year old daughter said something that sounded like "moron". That's not what she said, however it started an interesting conversation. Anywho, I asked her, "What is a 'moron'?"

She replied, "A person who can't drive."

I wonder where she got that from.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday. I took him his favorite lunch (Chinese food) and, at his request, I am going to make a simple dinner and a German Chocolate cake. He just wants to spend the evening with us. I thought that sounded pretty good.

So, here's to you, Babe. Thanks for all you do for us. We love and appreciate you more than you know. Have a wonderful birthday!

Love you!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I was just sitting here thinking that we (my family and I) have not been sick for a while. No colds or flus. Even our allergies haven't been so bad.

Sometimes I just need to be thankful for our health. I am quick to ask God to heal us when we're sick, but I don't always thank God for our good health.

So, here I am being thankful.

Thank you, Lord for keeping us healthy and for giving us strength each day. You are so wonderful! You are worthy of all glory! Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!


I went to the doctor yesterday and had x-rays done. It is not broken, just sprained. The doc advised me that walking on it would actually be better then said, "Let me see how you walk." It hurt so bad, I could not even bear weight on it so he said, "Maybe we could set you up with some crutches." You think?!?

My friend, Nicole, helped me out tremendously yesterday. First she came over with her two boys (under the age of 4) and took me to the doctor (I couldn't drive). Then she kept my kids while I was at the doctor's office. Then she came back and picked me up and took me home. Next she came inside and made all the kids something to eat, cleaned my kitchen, played outside with the kids and so much more. When she realized that I was in a lot of pain, she called the doctors office and got me a prescription for pain meds. What a blessing it was to have her here! Thank you, "Anicole"!

She called last night to check on me and told me, "Now that I'm not there, I have to tell you something. I couldn't tell you earlier because you would have kicked me out." I asked, "Why? What happened?" She laughed and said, "Nothing happened. I'm pregnant." She's right. I would have kicked her out. I already felt bad that she was washing my dishes and taking care of the kids. I told her not to do it, but she's Nicole and Nicole does what Nicole wants to do! Thank God for good friends!

By the way (or in txt - BTW), my foot feels a lots better. I have to say, I was expecting to be hurting for several days, but I'm so thankful to not be in so much pain. (Of course, I have been on pain meds since yesterday, maybe that's why it doesn't hurt too bad!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

He falls off ladder; She goes to doctor

...and the two incidents are not related.

Part One:

On Saturday, my hubby was washing windows and fell from about 10 feet. He landed on top of the ladder on his knees and forearms. He felt a little banged up and his knee was hurting, but all in all he's okay. Thank you, Jesus! He said he doesn't know how his fingers escaped being crushed, but I know it was the grace of God! God knows he works with his hands and needs the use of his fingers. I am so thankful that God had his hand of protection on him. From that height, he could have been seriously injured. Again, thank you, Jesus!

Part Two:

Yesterday, I was playing "tag" with the kids and as I was running, some how twisted my foot. It hurt when it first happened, but then it was okay. I went to the store, came home, went about the rest of the day with just a twinge of pain, no big deal. But by the time I went to bed, I was in real pain. Then I woke up at about 4:20 a.m. in serious pain! I can hardly walk on it. I guess I will be calling the doc as soon as they open. (Hope I can see him early because the girls have a dentist appointment today and it's going to be a little difficult to get around with three kids on one foot!) I'm sure it's nothing too serious and I feel kind of silly going to the doctor, but it really hurts! I know, I know: I'm a big baby!

Isn't it amazing how my husband can fall 10 feet off a ladder and I end up hurt? (Especially since we were not even in the vicinity of each other.)

Well, I'll update as the drama unfolds.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New beginnings

Or is that redundant?

I originally began this blog for a different purpose, but that didn't happen. However, I like this format better than my old blog, so I am switching over. Not that I have many faithful readers, but I like to have a place where I can share stories about my kids and life. Hope you enjoy!