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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laundry Help

Sometimes my laundry gets piled up. Well, I DO have four kids! When this happens, I sort my laundry a little differently.

I always have whites, jeans, towels, sheets, and delicates. Then I usually have Rachel's, Emily's, Hayley's, Riley's, Tom's, and mine. Phew! Yes, that is 11 loads. In winter I have 1-2 more with blankets. If I keep up, I can do the girls' together and mine & Tom's together.

But, when I am behind or need to be busy with other chores, I sort the clothes like this: pjs, socks, panties, & shorts (things that don't need to be checked for stains *Spray'N'Wash*) and then clothes- darks/lights whatever. The reason I do this is so that I can quickly throw in the load without having to take time to check for stains. I can start one load and then have the pjs, socks, panties, & shorts load to throw in. I do loads of towels & sheets, while I'm busy doing other things for the same reason. Then, when I can focus on the laundry, I will check all the loads for stains and apply Spray'N'Wash as needed. It works for me!

I am linking to WFMW over at We Are That Family - even though it is almost Thursday! LOL
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Anonymous said...

Wow! I totally never realized you had that much laundry to do. Think you should dress the kids in paper bags LOL!
love ya!