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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UN-Happy Meals?

I just came across a news story that said that Santa Clara County is making it illegal to sell kid's meals with toys at fast food restaurants. It said that restaurants are using toys to "sell the food"; that food choices are made according to the toy.

Excuse me, but when did kids start deciding what they are going to eat? If the kids are getting to choose what they eat it is because the parents are giving them the choice. I am smart enough to know that my kids are going to want a kid's meal because of the toy, but it is MY choice whether or not to buy it.

I know that the point was that unhealthy food options are associated with the kid's meals, but the problem isn't the kid's meals: it's lazy parenting [speaking from experience]. Obviously, the parent chose the restaurant.

On the other hand, sometimes parents [or other adults] want to take their kids out for a treat. Now this law will make that very difficult. Sad.

***Note: I am not saying that everyone who eats at a fast food restaurant is lazy. We eat out sometimes too. [More than I'd like to.] Sometimes circumstances beyond our control dictate it and sometimes it's a treat. Those times are okay. If you are eating fast food 5 days a week, then you've got problems [probably many!].

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